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Welcome to my Site: (The dopest site of all times!)
This is a pic of me in Ali Al Salem Kuwait , right Before I received a ride on a Blackhawk Helicopter courtesy of the United States Army!Enjoy the site"O"A lot of the links on the Home Page are "Non" functional right now, but if you want to contact me just remember the email: otisdr@cpis.netNow Continue to "Surf your Back Out!"

Otis Dulane Roberts Jr.
Welcome to the site!This is still under major construction but bare with me for a little bit! Any Racquetballers out there feel free to email me at the links listed on the site and if you are in the Shaw Air Force Base area! Then feel free to stop by the base Gym any time M-F from 3:30-5:30p for some great Challenge Court play!Look for the Bald Black man adorned in Excessive amounts of "EKTELON" apparel.Feel free to come and "GET SOME"Drive a Mustang GT a day to keep the "Stress away"

Welcome to my first site!This site contains various information that may or may not interest you! I of course am a big Racquetball fanatic and if you are as well just use the link to email me and tell me about your "Blue Ball" (Racquetball) experiences!

This is the dopest Pokemon of all times! His name is

The name is Otis Roberts and obviously I am a member of the United States Air Force. My hobbies are Racquetball (as I love to mention) and I am also a huge Aquariologist (don't bother to look it up because I made it up!)It just means that I really enjoy my fish tanks and the "little guys" in them.I have fish ranging from: Oscars, Plecos, Electric Catfish, Green Terrors, and various other Cichlids !

SURF YOUR BACK OUT!Look for a bunch of Links to some of my favorite sites and my photo section will be loaded as soon as I get a little more time to "FEEL ON" my site!the links will send you to places with topics ranging from my favorites (Ford Mustangs, Racquetball (USRA.org), and some Aquarium and Cichlid (fish) sites! try back in a few weeks!

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